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Layered Potato Bake Thyme Lemon Garlic Theo Michaels

Potato Bake Recipe with Pancetta, Thyme, Garlic and Lemon

My layered potato bake recipe is elevated with a few humble ingredients such as pancetta, thyme, garlic and lemon.
Left to cook…

Galantine’s Day Recipes! Enjoy a Galantine’s Day lunch or dinner with the girls

Who knew Galantine’s day even existed?! Well I didn’t until only recently when I was asked to create some Galantine’s Day…


Cote de Boeuf Recipe – how to cook the perfect cote de boeuf

Cote de Boeuf Recipe – there is something almost primal about a large slab of perfectly cooked cote de boeuf.
Cote de…


How To Make Horseradish Gremolata

Horseradish Gremolata is a great alternative and accompaniment to a traditional gremolata recipe.
Horseradish gremolata with freshly grated horseradish gives this herby…

Spaghetti Carbonara Microwave Mug Meal by Theo Michaels

Spaghetti Carbonara – Microwave Mug Meal (as seen on ITV This Morning)

Spaghetti Carbonara Microwave Mug Meal Recipe

A traditional spaghetti carbonara is a total guilty pleasure of mine – I always end up…

Christmas Mug Cake Recipe by Theo Michaels - Mcirowave Mug Meals

Mug Cake Recipe – Christmas Pudding in a mug as seen on ITV This Morning | Christmas Recipes

Mug Cake Recipe – Christmas pudding made in a mug, in the microwave in 90 seconds! Christmas Recipes.

My microwave Christmas mug…

Christmas Dinner in a Mug - Microwave Mug Recipe by Theo Michaels

Christmas Dinner in a Mug?! Microwave Mug Recipe as seen on ITV This Morning | Christmas Recipes

Microwave Mug Recipes don’t get any more spectacular than this – an entire Christmas dinner cooked in a mug, in the…


Prawn Saganaki – Microwave Mug Recipe (as seen on ITV This Morning)

My Microwave Mug Recipe for Prawn Saganaki is rich, vibrant and surprisingly delicious!
Traditionally a Greek recipe with tomatoes, prawns and feta,…

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Microwave Mug Recipe

Moussaka in a Mug?! Easy Moussaka Recipe done in 5 minutes. Microwave Mug Recipes

Is there such a thing as an easy moussaka recipe? Yes, as it happens there is. Not only an easy moussaka…


Braised Lettuce – delicious braised gem lettuce with peas

Braised Lettuce – what a revelation!
Move over cold salads – lettuce just got hot!
Braised lettuce, specifically braised gem lettuce is incredibly easy…


Oven Dried Tomatoes – made at home and stored in olive oil

Oven Dried Tomatoes – Made at Home and Stored in Olive Oil


Candied Orange Peel Recipe – how to make candied peel

Everyone needs a candied orange peel recipe.
Candied orange peel is a great recipe to have under your belt; really easy, makes…


Grape Jam Recipe – how to make grape jam without pectin

Grape Jam Recipe without pectin.
My homemade grape jam recipe is a wonderfully dark and seductive concoction. Oozing with flavour, really easy…


Microwave Mug Meals Cook Book by Theo

Microwave Mug Meals Cook Book – 50 incredibly tasty, home-made dishes – in an instant! Published by Lorenz Books
You can order…

pork souvlaki - how to make pork souvlaki by theo-michaels

Pork Souvlaki – how to make pork souvlaki skewers Cypriot style!

Pork souvlaki is one of my favourite barbecued meats – I mean just watch my video and tell me your mouth…

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ITV This Morning with Theo, Holly and Phillip
ITV This Morning Christmas 2016 Special - with Theo
Food Network The Big Eat
Christmas Dinner in a Mug - Microwave Mug Meals (as seen on This Morning)
This Morning Jan 2017 - Puffin in a Mug, Chocolate Cake and Jerk Shepherds Pie
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Theo Michaels on This Morning Jan 2017 Microwave Mug Meals - Chocolate Cake, Puffin, Shepherds Pie

This Morning Jan-2017 – Microwave Mug Meals! | Puffin, Chocolate Orange Cake and Jerk Shepherds Pie

Another great show on ITV’s This Morning with Philip and Holly – I love those guys! Today we cooked three delicious…

Theo Michaels ITV This Morning Christmas Special 2016 - Christmas Dinner in a Mug

ITV This Morning Christmas Special – Theo cooking Christmas dinner in a mug!

I had another wonderful day with the folks at ITV’s This Morning cooking my Christmas Dinner special – in a mug!



ITV’s This Morning – Theo’s Microwave Mug Meals

A great day had for my debut appearance on ITV’s This Morning where I was lucky enough to showcase three recipes…


Reveal Magazine – Microwave Mug Meals Cook Book

Reveal Magazine feature Microwave Mug Meals cookbook by Theo Michaels (that’s meeee!).


Best Magazine – Microwave Mug Meals Feature

Best Magazine are a lovely bunch of people and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with them for a while.

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