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greek inspired minted peas with deta and chilli by Theo Michaels

Minted Peas with Feta and Chilli – de-lish-us!

Minted peas are lovely. Minted peas with chilli are awesome. Minted peas with chilli and feta! Boom!! You’ve just hit the pea jackpot!


Bulgur Wheat Salad - Greek tabbouleh recipe by Theo Michaels

Bulgur Wheat Salad – my take on a tabbouleh recipe!

My Bulgur Wheat Salad – deliciously simple and healthy.
I’ve got quite into bulgur wheat recently; something about the summer and wanting something light but…

Greek potato salad - how to make potato salad by Theo

Greek Potato Salad – how to make potato salad Greek style!

A Greek Potato Salad is incredibly easy to make and should be garlicky, lemony and fresh with mint!
Use nice waxy potatoes that hold…

Bombay Potato Recipe - how to make Bombay Potatoes by Theo Michaels

Bombay Potato Recipe – How To Make Bombay Potatoes

Bombay Potato Recipe – let me show you how to make Bombay potatoes at home. These are delicious, I mean really, really, delicious!


Chilli Raita Recipe by Theo Michaels

Chilli Raita – Raita Recipe

My Raita recipe is really just an Indian style Tzatziki – OK – I’m being facetious.. 🙂 there are obvious similarities but sometimes…

Pickled Red Onion Recipe by Theo Michaels - pickled onions

Pickled Red Onion Recipe |Pickled Onion Recipe

My pickled red onion recipe is a joy to behold, actually any pickled onions are wonderful, but pickled red onions, in a jar is…

Tandoori Salmon Recipe - Salmon Marinade Recipe by Theo Michaels

Tandoori Salmon Recipe | Salmon Marinade Recipe

My tandoori salmon recipe is basically an Indian inspired salmon marinade. I first made my tandoori salmon recipe a few years ago for…

Keftedes - Greek MeatBalls by Theo Michaels

Keftedes recipe – Greek Meatballs

My Keftedes recipe is a traditional Greek meze dish; in essence they are Greek meatballs and are loved by everyone – I have…

How to Cook Octopus by Theo Michaels | Octopus Recipe

Octopus Recipe – How to Cook Octopus | Grilled Octopus Recipe

How to cook octopus couldn’t be easier and my octopus recipe will show you how exactly how to cook octopus.
From the slow braise…

Eel Recipes - Stewed Eels by Theo Michaels

Stewed Eels with Parsley Sauce | Eel Recipes

A classic East London Stewed Eels recipe.
Eel recipes? You heard! Eel recipes seem to be on the decline in the UK which is…

Homemade Lamb Flatbread Wrap by Theo Michaels

Homemade Lamb Flatbreads Recipe

My lamb flatbreads recipe is a revelation; made and cooked in 20 minutes including making your own flatbread dough! Spicy minced lamb topping…

Greek Stuffed Peppers Gemista by Theo Michaels

Gemista – Greek Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Gemista are the famous Greek stuffed peppers also known as Yemista. Gemista range from a vegetarian’s delight to a carnivorous fix, they are…

Thai Seafood Salad by Theo Michaels

Thai Seafood Salad | Thai Salad Recipe

My Thai Salad, my Thai seafood salad to be exact! There’s something very cleansing and pure about this seafood salad. Lots of lovely…

Easy Coconut Prawn Curry with Cumin by Theo Michaels

Coconut Prawn Curry Recipe | Simple Fish Curry Recipe

My Coconut Prawn Curry (another wonderful coconut milk recipe!) is aromatic and mild – great for kids or grownups that are a little chilli…

Grilled Scallops on the BBQ by Theo Michaels

Grilled scallops in garlic butter | BBQ Scallops

Grilled Scallops cooked straight on the BBQ is a wonderful thing. There’s no mucking about with this one – scallops in their shell,…

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Theo Michaels & Tom Kerridge at Carfest North Food Demo

Theo performs at Carfest North (on the Kitchen stage – not the main stage!)

What a great day! A whole day of cars, music and food at Carfest North!


I was up there as part of the Simply…

Sheredes School Masterchef 2016

Sheredes School Annual Masterchef Competition 2016

Every year I go back to Sheredes (my old school) and we hold an Annual (unofficial) Masterchef competition.

It’s really good fun, we do…

BBC 3CR Weekend Kitchen Jan 2016

Don’t mention Booty-Call on the Radio…

So… here’s what happens when you mention a booty-call on BBC Radio… By the way, the picture is of a previous show –…

Hertfordshire Life Food and Awards 2016

Food & Drink Awards – please vote for me!

Woohoo! I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated for the Hertfordshire Life 2016 Food & Drink Awards (and I sort of need your…

Riverside Garden Centre Hertford Weber BBQ World Theo Michaels

Opening Weber World at Riverside Garden Centre

I was recently invited to cut the ribbon at the new Weber BBQ World at the Riverside Garden Centre, that’s me in the middle…

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