Watch Theo TV – lots of recipes to cook!

I’ve filmed a bunch of videos of some of my favourite recipes for all you lovely people!

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2 thoughts on “Watch Theo TV – lots of recipes to cook!”

  • Theo – love your videos … but watching you cut things with your good knives on that hard marble kills me! You commented in the Ribs video that your knife was dull … this is probably why! Try a wooden or plastic cutting board. Your knives will love you for it.

    BTW, making Kleftiko tonight … 😉

    • Ha! Thanks Allan – how did the Kleftiko turn out?! I always use a wooden chopping board at home, but the filming wasn’t done at my house so used the chopping board they had to hand – which happened to be a marble one – ouch! I’ve invested in some lovely Wusthof knives and they only see wood!

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