Pickled Red Onion Recipe |Pickled Onion Recipe

Pickled Red Onion Recipe |Pickled Onion Recipe

My pickled red onion recipe is a joy to behold, actually any pickled onions are wonderful, but pickled red onions, in a jar is like a vibrant pink beacon of joy!

I’ve got slightly carried away describing my pickled red onion recipe, but there is something weirdly alluring about a jar of pickled red onions. It’s the colour, the shapes the odd coriander seed and bay leaf peaking through the shocking pink liquid…

I digress, my pickled red onion recipe is easy, like ridiculously easy yet delivers incredible results everytime.

Pickled red onions are great to have on the table with a few other dips or salsas and just let people help themselves. In fact, I’ve got quite into making a few dips and bringing them out at every meal time.

The thing I most like about pickled red onions, besides the colour, is that it is a preserved condiment. It lasts for weeks, and is extremely useful to have lurking in the back of your fridge.

Want to pout so hard your lips fall off your face? Eat a gobfull of my pickled red onions!

I exaggerated the last bit; the thing about red pickled onions is they mellow with age, the sharpness just has the edge taken off it after its been left stewing for a few days – which is how I prefer it.

Pickled Red Onion Recipe:


1/2 tsp salt

1 tbs sugar

2 red onions

1 bay leaf

12 coriander seeds

6 black pepper corns

1/2 cup white wine vinegar (cider vinegar works aswell)

Pickled Red Onion Recipe – Method:

  1. Thinly slice red onions (I like to do mine whole so I have lots of ring shapes)
  2. Blanch red onions for a couple of minutes then drain
  3. Put all the other ingredients into a sterialised jar and shake until the sugar and salt is dissolved, then place blanched red onions into the jar as well.
  4. Shake to ensure everything is combined.

My pickled red onion recipe – they are good to eat within 30 minutes, but taste even better a few days later!

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  • Hi Theo,

    Thanks for this lovely recipe and the Tandoori Salmon one too. I would like to print them but I can’t see a print option for the recipe only – I don’t want to print 5 pages! Please let me know if I am missing an easy way to print only the recipe.

    • Hi Alice, thank you for your message! I’m currently working on adding some more functionality to my recipes so you can print them off a bit easier! I’ll start on this asap and hopefully will save some trees in the printing process! And let me know how your salmon dish goes!

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