Tuna Poke with Marmalade Glaze and Giant Cous-Cous Recipe – David Lloyd Clubs

Tuna Poke (pronounced ‘po-keh’) is the second video recipe I’ve done in the new David Lloyd food series.

Marmalade Glazed Tuna Poke Recipe with Giant Cous-Cous – what’s not to like?!

After the great success and feedback from our first video (did you see the gorgeous Curried Chicken and Gnocchi recipe yet?) our second video recipe is out now for your viewing and drooling pleasure.

Tuna Poke is traditionally a raw fish dish of Hawaiian descent, my tuna poke with a marmalade glaze is seared to give it some charring and sits on a bed of wholewheat giant cous-cous with lots of herbs, vegetables and is, well, delicious.

My tuna poke is really quick to cook, easy-peasy to make and still packed with goodness. Whether you’re cooking for one or the whole family this tuna poke recipe is a sure-fire winter winner when you want a little summer-loving to brighten up your supper.

To get the full Tuna Poke recipe from the David Lloyd Clubs blog or to watch the video click here.

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