Press Release: Honestly Good Olive Oil & Theo get slippery together!

Press Release: Honestly Good Olive Oil & Theo get slippery together!

Honestly Good is proud to have teamed up with 2014 Masterchef semi-finalist and culinary talent, Theo Michaels, to create new recipes that showcase not only how delicious fresh, raw extra virgin olive oil tastes but also enjoying the health benefits of the original superfood.

Talented Chef Theo, is inspired by his family’s traditional Greek recipes and creates something new and modern. Teaming up with Theo is an exciting opportunity to explore the use of fresh and raw olive in our diet. We are developing new and tantalising recipes that will be showcased in a series of pop up restaurants and delis in central London and surrounding boroughs.

Kitchen-plating-Priv-Dining-213x260About the Chef

After Theo reached the semi-finals of the Masterchef 2014, he decided to hang up his three-piece suit and start a new life donning an apron instead! Theo is now in full swing as pop-up restaurateur and occasional blogger. Theo has created (and chefs) an exclusive fine dining event consisting of an eight course Greek inspired taster menu – only those on his waiting list can get a table. “I want my menu to pay homage to traditional Greek flavours but create something exquisite and new – the philosophy is ‘elegant village food’ and using Honestly Good extra virgin olive oil is the closest you can come in England to getting fresh raw juice – it is the premier cru of olive oil.” Says Theo.

“We’re thrilled to have Theo Michaels as our development Chef on board,” says Honestly Good managing director Evan. “Theo’s creativity and boldness to experiment with traditional recipes by use of new ingredients and his desire to use our Honestly Good freshly squeezed olive oil in his dishes, will result in incredibly tasting and healthy dishes. We can’t wait to share them with you and hear what you think of them!”

About Honestly Good

We are a new British company and our mission is to create an ethical brand that brings the goodness of fresh and raw olive oil to the UK consumers.

We work directly with our farmers to produce olive oil from a single variety and single estate, a practice known as monocultivation. By doing so, we maintain the quality, the richness of the taste and ensure that the nutritional elements are not compromised. It goes straight from our trees to your bottle!


For more information, call 0203 290 4100
Honestly Good Natural Products Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

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