Masterchef Episode 12 – Quarter-finals

Masterchef Episode 12 – Quarter-finals

After getting through the first round; I made an appearance on MasterChef Series 10, episode 12. Bloody this really happening?!

This episode consisted of copying a palate test created by John Torode (crispy-skinned chicken, herbed gnocchi and mushroom sauce) – recipe is here on BBC website.

After this was our ‘show stopper’ dish; the dish of dishes, the dish to blow the judges away and secure your place in Masterchef history as a quarter-finalist and head into the next round. And just when that wasn’t enough pressure; throw in a seasoned food critic as well in the form of Jay Rayner (who actually I really like!).

I cooked oxtail ravioli (which is utterly delicious and an original Theo Michaels dish!) and secured my place as a Masterchef Quarter-finalist…bloody hell! Now onto the Semi-final heats…

I’ve noted below an extract from the BBC website about this episode:

The cookery competition continues its tenth series with the fourth quarter-final, and the four talented heat winners have no time to rest on their laurels as they continue to fight for their place in the competition.

First, they must prove their mettle in the fiendishly difficult palate and skills test. Chef John Torode cooks poached and fried pepper chicken, herbed gnocchi, mushroom and tarragon sauce, a dish with three different types of mushrooms to identify and which requires a high level of technical skill. Without seeing John prepare it, the amateurs are given just a few minutes to taste this dish before being asked to write down exactly what is in it, using their sense of smell, and palate. Then they are asked to recreate John’s dish without a recipe in just one hour fifteen minutes, selecting from ingredients that may or may not belong in the dish.

For their second challenge, the four must go head-to-head to cook their own show-stopping dish for John and Gregg, as well as a surprise judge. In this episode the straight talking and incisive food critic Jay Rayner faces the contestants in the flesh for the first time, and tells them exactly what he thinks of their food.

At the end of this quarter-final, only the best amateurs will go through to the next round and take another step closer to being crowned MasterChef champion 2014.

For the rest, the MasterChef dream will be over.

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Theo on MasterChef…gulp…and my top 3 quotes!

Theo on MasterChef…gulp…and my top 3 quotes!

Theo Michaels meet Masterchef, MasterChef meet Theo Michaels… Series 10, episode 11 – MasterChef Amateurs series. At exactly 20.00 on BBC 1 on Thursday 17th April yours truly appeared on MasterChef.

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6 thoughts on “Masterchef Episode 12 – Quarter-finals”

  • Your Aunt is so very proud of you she sent me the URLs of the episodes you were on and i have to say i agree with your friend Lloyd entirely. The very best of luck to you!

  • This is amazing stuff Theo, you make it look so easy and fun – your like a better looking Jamie Oliver – you need to be the next Celeb Chef for idiots like me that could cook if only they gave it a good go.

    Love the multi tasking with the blender and saucepan move – I hope you win it pal and at the very least hope this gives you the platform to pursue your true talent and dream

    Good on you

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