Opening Weber World BBQ Showroom at the Riverside Garden Centre

Opening Weber World BBQ Showroom at the Riverside Garden Centre

Welcome to the new Weber World BBQ Showroom at the Riverside Garden Centre in Hertfordshire.

I was recently invited to cut the ribbon at the opening of the new Weber World BBQ Showroom at the Riverside Garden Centre in Hertford. The Riverside Garden Centre is set in rural surroundings with a big dining area and a cool outside veranda overhanging the river.

It is also the biggest Weber World showroom in the UK.

The Weber World opening at the Riverside Garden Centre was a superb day, they wanted someone obsessed with BBQ’s and, well, I fitted right in..(that’s me in the middle – I may look short but those other guys were all at least 7ft tall…)

Check out my video of cooking a beer-can chicken on the new Weber Master touch charcoal BBQ.

Weber World had a few of their very accomplished chefs performing some BBQ demo’s on a variety of Weber World BBQs. Thankfully, they also gave us salivating punters a chance to taste their grub. The chefs were great guys and the food was delicious.

Weber World is what you imagine – a central hub of all things Weber and BBQ.

To be fair, the Weber BBQs are in a league of their own; shiny, modern, they really are positioned as another cooking device that can be used on a daily basis. Especially the gas ones that are basically ovens and grills in their own right.

Looking at the range of BBQs and accessories available at the Weber World (especially at the Riverside Garden Centre) they definitely push the gas and electric BBQ the charcoal ones tend to be fairly simple.

I love a BBQ and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find myself at least once gently caressing the cold shiny steel of a £3k gas BBQ in the showroom..  

I think there is a divide; if you want an outdoor cooking device to use at any time with minimal fuss, then gas works great – it’s basically your oven and hob just outside. Perfect for quickly cooking a couple of steaks after work start to finish in 15 minutes.

I guess I’m a bit of a BBQ purist, I want unadulterated charcoal. I want to cook over the humble embers the way people have done for a thousand years.

But never fear – Weber have a range of charcoal BBQs and I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on one courtesy of Weber. A Weber Mastertouch no less!

And I’ve got too admit, as much as I love my Greek rotisserie BBQ (you need to see this in action!) the Weber Mastertouch was a quality bit of kit and I couldn’t find fault on it. In fact I love the thing; great classic BBQ – and had a lot of fun cooking my beer-can chicken recipe!

I can’t help love my Cypriot foukou (BBQ) and still think it makes some of the best BBQ food around, but the Weber Mastertouch is a welcome addition to the Michaels’ family outdoor kitchen (patio with a couple of BBQs on it).

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