“What it’s really like to be a Celeb Masterchef hopeful”

Former contestant THEO Michaels tells Best what the celebrities can expect tonight… Tonight at 9pm on BBC1, Celebrity Masterchef kicks off. And no one knows better how our favourite celebs will be feeling better than Theo Michaels. Who can forget the Greek God semi finalist from the last series?

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The show changed his life to the extent that Theo, who lives in Hertfordshire, has launched his own website

In his own words, he is now: ‘Flying the flag for Greek food.’

But what we really wanted Theo to tell us, is what is like to be a contestant and what the celebs – including Russel Grant, Todd Carty (is it wrong to say, we hope he cooks as badly as he skates?) and make-up artist Jodie Kidd tonight?

So Theo, what is it really like behind the scenes at Masterchef?
As a viewer, I’m sure you think the contestants just turn up, cook a few dishes and have a great time. The reality is that behind the scene it’s intense! I’m sure – even if you are a celebrity – as soon as you meet John (Torode) and Gregg (Wallace) the severity of the show hits home. They are steely-eyed guys.

John seemed a lot harder on you than Gregg…
(Laughs). Hmm. Yes. Look, Gregg is a really nice character – and so is John and they both know there stuff in terms of food, that goes without question. But from my view point, John analyses food much more from a technical and execution view point, while Gregg is more ‘Yes, but does it taste good or not?’ So they are a really good balance.

How do you think the celebs will feel when they hear the words ‘This is today’s task, make it happen’?
Nervous, apprehensive but a large part of them will just want to please John and Gregg. All you really want to hear from both of them by the end of show is one word: ‘Brilliant.’

Who will you be routing for tonight?
Russel Grant – he will be astronomical, of course! Seriously, I’m always interested in what the celebs come up with because, unlike ordinary Masterchef contestants, the celebs don’t necessarily have an undying love of food. But the show is always very entertaining.

Quitting your job was a brave move…
Yes but being on Masterchef rekindled a passion. I feel like I’ve plugged myself back in to the national grid. I’m really excited about this. I feel someone needs to bring back Greek cookery – there are loads of Italian chefs and Asian chefs, so I’m on a bit of quest to make Greek food more contemporary – inspired by Greece but injected with new life in a very British way.

Theo Cooks exclusive videos will be coming to Best Daily soon.

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