Baked Chicken Wings with Honey, Soy and Black Sesame

Baked Chicken Wings with Honey, Soy and Black Sesame

Baked chicken wings with honey and soy glaze couldn’t be easier!

The honey and soy glaze is sticky, sweet with a little kick of chilli! Chicken wings are incredibly cheap, easy to cook and always satisfy – just remember to make roast more hot wings than you think you’ll want!

My other chicken wings recipe is my deep fried chicken wings which are always hugely popular; and for good reason! Although I love my crispy deep fried chicken wings recipe I created my oven baked chicken wings recipe for something even easier to cook but still finger lickin’ good.

Am I allowed to say that Mr. KFC?

My baked chicken wings recipe came about after my wife asked how to cook chicken wings and I pointed her in the direction of my youtube channel to watch my deep fried chicken wings recipe (turns out she didn’t find that funny).

The brief my wife gave was; an easy chicken wing dish. It has to be a recipe that she can just turn on the oven, throw the chicken wings in to bake and walk away. Basically, a fool proof easy chicken dinner recipe. Thus my soy and honey chicken wings recipe was born!

And to be fair, as usual, my wife was right; making baked chicken wings is ridiculously easy.

Combine baking chicken wings with a Chinese style BBQ sauce and you are in the realms of instant gratification. Maybe not instant gratification, but definitely easy gratification (they do take 25 minutes to cook after all..)

And just a thought – for those looking for a gluten free chicken wing recipe; I would try exactly the same recipe but swap the soy sauce (which has gluten) for tamarind and I think that would work wonders! 

Anyway, enough of me blathering on; here’s my hot wings recipe with soy and honey glaze.

Baked Chicken Wings Recipe with Honey, Soy and Black Sesame.


Chicken wings (I think you need at least 6 pp)

Glaze Ingredients:

8 tbl clear honey

4 tbl soy sauce

2 tbl sesame oil

2 tbl chilli flakes

Salt / Pepper

Garnish with few pinches black sesame seeds (if available you can use white)


  1. Pre-heat oven to 200C (Fan)
  2. Prepare your wings: chicken wings have two joints; you don’t have to cut them but I like to and they cook quicker.
  3. Cut them at the joint and keep the two largest parts discarding the very thin wing tip (you can make a stock with them for another day if you wish).
  4. Now make the glaze by mixing half a measure of the Glaze ingredients together except the sesame seeds.
  5. Coat the chicken wings in the glaze, shake off some of the excess and place the wings onto a baking tray. The reason you don’t just pour all the glaze onto the baking tray is the glaze will burn, so just do the wings and discard the rest of the mixture.
  6. Cook the chicken wings for 25 minutes or until just cooked (you may want to turn them over half way through).
  7. While the wings are cooking, combine the remaining glaze ingredients in a clean bowl and microwave for 1 minute and leave to cool, this will help it thicken.
  8. When the chicken is done, let it cool for a few minutes and combine with the glaze.
  9. Tip: put the wings and glaze into a zip lock bag and give it a good shake. This is really easy, doesn’t make a mess (and avoids having to wash another bowl).
  10. Pour the hot wings out onto a plate, sprinkle with black (or white) sesame seeds and you’re done!

Goes well with a cold beer and LOTS of napkins!

If you fancy something a little more crispy; check out my deep fried chicken wings recipe or watch my video in the same post.

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