Tomato Salad Recipe = a rainbow salad by Theo Michaels

Tomato Salad Recipe with Grilled Halloumi – Rainbow Salad

This beautiful tomato salad recipe is what I call Rainbow Salad due to the different colour tomatoes used. A summery combination of grilled Halloumi, mixed tomatoes, pomegranate seeds.. beautiful!

My tomato salad recipe genuinely looks as delicious as it tastes and warrants the nickname of a rainbow salad. Echoing Greek flavours and ideal for hot summer days to accompany your BBQ with the star of this rainbow salad recipe being the tomatoes.

I’ve also made a video recipe so you can watch how to make my tomato rainbow salad.

Want more salad recipes? Or want something a bit more Greek to cook?

This is one of those tomato salad recipes that always gets a great reception; the colours are beautiful and if you are lucky enough to find somewhere selling heirloom tomatoes then grab a few tomatoes in as many colours as you can, that’s why we call it a rainbow salad!

The main thing is to get as much variety of coloured tomatoes as you can to transform your regular tomato salad into a rainbow salad!

Tomato Salad Recipe | Rainbow Salad – Ingredients:

3 ripe red tomatoes (sliced 1cm thick)
3 ripe yellow tomatoes (sliced 1cm thick)
½ red onion (sliced as thin as possible)
Tablespoon Dried Oregano
Lemon juice (half a lemon)
2 tablespoons Balsamic vinegar
Few glugs of extra virgin olive oil

The Garnish:

2-3 slices of Halloumi cheese sliced 1cm thick – rubbed with olive oil and griddled for 1 minute each side and sliced in half lengthways
Tablespoon of Pomegranate Seeds
Tablespoon fresh mint sliced

Tomato Salad Recipe(rainbow salad) – Method:

  1. In a bowl gently add all the salad ingredients including the liquids and gently mix with your hands careful not to break up all the tomatoes.
  2. Lift out the salad letting any excess liquid drain away, then place neatly on a plate, layer the grilled halloumi along the top and garnish with a scattering of pomegranate seeds and the fresh mint.

Goes well with sunshine, laughter and cold bottle of white wine!