Valentines Night Top Tips

Valentines Night Top Tips

Top tips for getting it right on Valentines night – I can help with the food but for everything else you’re on your own! 🙂
Top Tips for Valentines Night Dinner:

  • Be Prepared

Nothing ruins a good valentines night dinner than getting stressed in the kitchen and not being prepared is the biggest culprit. So try to do as much as you can the night before so on the evening itself you can focus on whispering sweet nothings to your loved one rather than shouting at the oven!

  • All About the Gift-wrapping

If you’ve decided to stay at home and cook Valentine dinner; you’ve got to make it special. So no sitting in front of the box like every other night!

That means sending your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, Tinder match, whoever, into another room or telling them not to come downstairs until you’ve give the eating area a touch of romance.

As a man who has spent a great deal of time wooing my now wife through various candle lit dinners here’s a few tricks of the trade I’m now able to share:

  1. low lighting – turn those lights off and turn the candles on – much nicer (and the older I’ve got the more I appreciate a slight ‘Dynasty haze’, if you don’t know what I mean by that, you’re too young to be celebrating valentines without an adult chaperon).
  2. lay the table, have a bottle/jug of water out, cutlery ready..but leave out the table glitter..bloody awful stuff…
  3. music – I’d avoid Prodigy ‘smack my bitch up’ as your soundtrack to the evening, equally Lionel Richie might be a bit too obvious…
  4. location – who says eating in the dining room is the only way to go? When I lived in a flat with a bunch of guys privacy was a rare commodity; I put a blanket on the bedroom floor, filled the room with candles and my now wife, then girlfriend ate a Moroccan style meal sitting on cushions. To be fair, at my age now a table and chair is mandatory…
  • Have Fun

Rarely will the evening go totally to plan, there’s bound to be the odd mistake, something burns, whatever.. It doesn’t matter, the fun part is cooking something special and making a night of it together.

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