Halloween Recipes – ideas for Halloween food

Halloween Recipes – ideas for Halloween food

Halloween Recipes

With Halloween fast approaching here are a few Halloween recipes for some Halloween food inspiration.

It’s that time of year when the joy of having feral children dressed up as Elsa and Spiderman come knocking on your door demanding a handful of sweets or the exterior redecoration of your house with toilet paper.

Being responsible parents we always like to chaperone our children whilst they try to get their local confectionery protection racket off the ground.

It’s such wholesome fun watching their entrepreneurial spirit blossom…

Anyway, once your kids have finishing roaming theĀ streets in a manic frenzy of a sugar rush you might want to feed them (and you) with a couple of recipes of my favourite Halloween food.

Halloween Recipes:

So here are a few of my favourite Halloween recipes for your pleasure, a brief run down is:

Pumpkin Pie Recipe – the epitome of a Halloween recipe. This is a great way of using up all that leftover pumpkin flesh after you’ve massacred the thing to make a scary face and popped an electronic candle inside šŸ™‚

Smores – if you’ve never had a smore; they are, well, unique. An American institution, I’ve re-created these based on what I remember as a kid living in New Jersey (or New Joisey if you want to say it correct) to be easily made outside the States – great for the kids and perfect sitting around the bon fire to make use of toasting all those marshmallows.

Apricot Glazed Pork Shoulder – OK, not strictly anything to do with Halloween food; but who doesn’t love pork shoulder?! And the cool thing is you can leave it in the oven to go out trick or treating and have it ready when you get back.. Plus its a little sweet just in case you haven’t fully satisfied your sweet tooth with your bounty from hitting the streets dressed up…

Corn on the Cob – this is awesome. Really good to cook if you’re having your own bon fire (especially for 5th November..) just throw them on the fire and have the butter ready!

Lastly – my Lamb Flatbread Recipe. If you need to keep the kids occupied this is a great one to make with the kids and literally takes 5 minutes to cook. I say it’s great for kids but I make this just for myself all the time and I’m an adult (I am! I am! I am! He says sulking like a child…)


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