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Smores recipe – Smores!! What the..??

Smores recipe – so, you want to know how to make smores? OK, but first things first – what the hell is a Smore?

Before I give out my smores recipe let me set the scene for anyone reading this smores recipe that doesn’t reside in America. Smores are an American institution – at every camping trip there is a campfire, at every campfire there are kids all over America who make Smores.

Smores are basically a cracker-melted-chocolate-burnt-marshmallow-sandwich.

This isn’t pretty or delicate – this is about getting down and dirty. Perfect at any campfire, really big in America, smores are starting to infiltrate our British shores especially on Bonfire night (great bonfire recipe for the kids).

The added benefit is they take ages to chew so you’ll get at least four minutes silence from your kids with each mouthful…

This smores recipe brings back loads of memories as a kid in America going on camping trips and making Smores.

No one knows why they are called Smores, the best guess is because after you’ve eaten one you say “I want s’more!”. 

I’ve Anglicised this American favourite for our British shores. Instead of Graham Crackers, Digestive biscuits work just fine.

Smores Recipe – Ingredients:

Graham Crackers (or Digestive Biscuits)

Handful of milk chocolate buttons



Sticks to toast marshmallows on 🙂

Smores Recipe – Method:

Less of a recipe more a production line..

1 smore = 2 marshmallows, chocolate buttons, biscuits.

  1. Lay out two digestive biscuits per Smore – you are making a biscuit sandwhich.
  2. Scrape one toasted marshmallow on to a biscuit.
  3. Quickly lay the chocolate buttons on to top of the hot marshmallow.
  4. Put the other toasted marshmallow on top of the chocolate and finally top with the other digestive biscuit.

Careful before you eat them as the marshmallows might be hot! And that’s it! Done! Finito! You can also freestyle a bit by trying other biscuits, oreo’s work well!

Goes well with campfires, noisy kids and hot chocolate!