Christmas Dinner in a Mug - Microwave Mug Recipe by Theo Michaels

Microwave Cooking Christmas Dinner in a Mug?! As seen on ITV This Morning | Christmas Recipes

Microwave Cooking doesn’t get any more spectacular than this – an entire Christmas dinner cooked in a mug, in the microwave in 5 minutes!


Microwave Cooking as seen on ITV This Morning

And as far as a microwave cooking goes, this is awesome. Everything you could want from a Christmas recipe – crispy pancetta, turkey, sage and onion pork stuffing, parsnips, cranberry sauce, even brussel sprouts!

Microwave cooking has been really good fun on ITV’s This Morning.

So when I was asked to microwave cook a three course microwave mug meal as a Christmas special I wasn’t sure if it was possible – I mean, an entire Christmas dinner including a starter and dessert cooked in the microwave in a mugt?!

But after some development time and few trials and errors I cracked it! As far as microwave cooking goes – my Christmas Dinner in a mug is delicious and one of my wife’s favourite microwave cooking recipes to date.

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Obviously if you have all the family coming round for Christmas I don’t expect you to buy 45 mugs and 24 microwaves and serve Christmas dinner to 15 people in mugs. But if you want a bit of fun, something Christmas-y to eat and delicious – then dust off your apron and get cooking one of my microwave mug meals.

Seriously – this tastes brilliant.

The secret to this microwave mug recipe is in the layering of the ingredients all wrapped lovingly in crispy pancetta (and everything tastes better wrapped in crispy pancetta!).

Microwave Cooking Christmas Dinner in a Mug Recipe:


45g/9 pancetta rashers (enough to line your mug)

40g/3 brussel sprouts – roughly chopped

Pinch sugar

Pinch pepper

½ tbl/3g pine nuts

¼ cup/20g grated parsnip

1 heaped tbl cranberry sauce

60g turkey breast cut 1 inch thick (remove all sinew)

20g spinach leaves

Ingredients – Stuffing

40g sausage meat (min 70% pork)

20g grated potato

10g grated white onion

6 sage leaves


  1. First, prepare your stuffing my mixing all the stuffing ingredients together and reserve.
  2. Line your mug with the pancetta rashers leaving them hanging over the edge of the mug.
  3. Add the chopped brussel sprouts, pine nuts and pinch of sugar.
  4. Place the stuffing mixture on top of the brussel sprouts and gently pat down.
  5. This is followed by grated parsnips, then the cranberry sauce on top.
  6. Lay your turkey breast on top of the cranberry sauce ensuring there is a good layer.
  7. Bunch the spinach together and place on top of the turkey.
  8. Finally, fold over the overhanging pancetta rashers to form a neat parcel and cook in the microwave, covered, for five minutes.

To serve, turn over onto a plate and pull a cracker! (not that sort of cracker).

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