Theo Michaels ITV This Morning Christmas Special 2016 - Christmas Dinner in a Mug

ITV This Morning Christmas Special – Theo cooking Christmas dinner in a mug!

I had another wonderful day with the folks at ITV’s This Morning cooking my Christmas Dinner special – in a mug!

If you missed the show you can watch my segment below.

The amazing production team at This Morning (whom I have to thank for all their help and letting me loose in their studios) wanted me to create a delicious three course Christmas dinner cooked in a mug in the microwave – and what This Morning wants – This Morning gets!

Theo and Trinny ITV This Morning Christmas Special 2016

ITV This Morning Christmas Special 2016

I cooked on air on all three courses for Holly and Phillip to taste. Both Holly and Phillip are always uber lovely and it was a real pleasure to see them again.

After the cooking session we all had dinner together with the other guests. Well, when I say we all had dinner, the six of them sat down whilst I hovered around ensuring everyone was happy – which felt like another one of my private dining events!

Trinny was delightfully charming in offering me her lap to perch on as I was without a seat and before she could finish the sentence I was running over like an overwhelmed lap dog to sit down! But I make no excuses for that – I think she’s lush 🙂

Anyway, enough of me blathering on – check out This Mornings youtube clip below to see the cooking item.

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