BBC Radio 3CR – Theo joins Nick Coffer on his Weekend Kitchen Show

BBC Radio 3CR – Theo joins Nick Coffer on his Weekend Kitchen Show

It’s always a pleasure to join Nick Coffer and two of three other foodie fanatics on his BBC Radio 3CR Weekend Kitchen show and this months show was no exception (and very funny – you can listen to a clip below). It was also the first to be recorded in their new swanky studios in Hertfordshire.

If you haven’t heard the show (how rude!) basically it goes like this:

  • Food obsessed guests arrive
  • Feed each other
  • Talk about feeding each other
  • Eat too much
  • Occassionally argue, I mean politely disagree
  • Eat more
  • Give all the listeners our recipes to download
  • Go home stuffed!

For the show I made a few lovely dishes! Including my super soft and decadent Greek Walnut Cake (Karidopita), my delicious Greek Cassoulet and a traditional Greek Salad, well Cypriot version of a Greek Salad.

Have a listen to the clip below for a couple of funny conversations or you can visit BBC iplayer to listen to the whole Weekend Kitchen show by Nick Coffer on BBC Radio 3CR.

Just in case the audio isn’t working – click the link below to open it up separately on your media player (for some reason I can play the bit above on my ipad/iphone but not on my laptop! So if you can’t listen to it above – listen to through the link below!).

Nick Coffer Weekend Kitchen BBC Radio 3CR – June 2015 snippet Theo Michaels, Theo Cooks


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