Galantine’s Day Recipes! Enjoy a Galantine’s Day lunch or dinner with the girls

Who knew Galantine’s day even existed?! Well I didn’t until only recently when I was asked to create some Galantine’s Day recipes for February 13th.

Before we get into the Galantine’s Day lunch or dinner recipes; if you’ve happened to stumble onto my blog post after searching for Galantine’s day (most likely to find out what the hell this misspelled valentines day is all about) here’s the deal.

Galantine’s day is on February 13th and I think it is the combination of the words ‘girls’ and ‘valentines’ ergo Galantine’s. I guess Virls just wasn’t as catchy.

So there is a film called 2 Parks and Rec and Galantine’s Day was coined in that film on the premise it is the day before Valentines Day and is a chance for all the girls to get together and have a little bash to tell each other how much they value their friendship.

If you are a bloke reading this; Galatine’s day would translate to that last bit of your ‘go-out-and-get-smashed-with-the-lads-night’ when you’re so drunk you throw your arm around your mates neck and utter those immortal words “I love you maaan!” before cracking some joke about their mum. 

However, Galantine’s Day seems firmly positioned as a female-only affair so you monstrous blokes can stick to your pint and a curry night.

For the fairer of the sexes (and dare I say more sophisticated in everyway) here are a few recipes that if you decide to hook up with your girlfriends to celebrate Galantine’s Day you can whip up without smudging a smidge of mascara (did I say that right?).

I’ve also included a couple of Galantine’s Day recipes that will let the culinary skilled among you show off a little – we all know how you secretly like to get one over on your girlfriends 🙂

PS. As this isn’t a fluffy pink blog full of unicorns and rainbows there is a distinct lack of the ubiquitous cupcakes and baking recipes.

Galantine’s Day Recipes

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