Homemade Ravioli with Halloumi | Raviolies Kypros

Homemade Ravioli with Halloumi | Raviolies Kypros

Homemade ravioli is made with homemade pasta and stuffed with Greek cheese; Raviolies.

How to make Pasta
Homemade Pasta

These delicious morsels of homemade ravioli stuffed with the sunshine of Cyprus; Halloumi cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket and olives. Known as raviolies.

Check out my other pasta recipes here.

Did you know the use of ‘pasta’ has been recorded in writings found in 1st Century AD by Horace of Rome and also 2nd Century AD in writings by Athenaeus Naucratita of Greece?

That’s 2000 years and we’re still loving pasta as much today as we did while wearing a toga.

Traditionally this homemade ravioli recipe would have been made with just Halloumi and egg. But I think they need a little extra love – and I’ve always been an advocate of sharing the love!

You might be thinking that homemade ravioli are a bit of a faff to make. They are.

Ravioli Filling
Ravioli Filling

Let’s not pretend they are something that you throw together in a few minutes for a quick easy dinner. They take a little time.

Ideally you’ve made your own pasta, prepared your filling and have the time and inclination to start your pasta assembly line.

But you know what? It’s fun. Get the kids involved, make a ton of pasta, spend an afternoon doing it. Treat it as an activity opposed to a chore and all the love you invest into creating your little raviolies will be returned as you take your first bite..

But I digress, let’s start cooking…

Homemade Ravioli – Raviolies

Ingredients – serves 2:

Ravioli Filling:

Mix together and reserve until ready to use.

100g Halloumi Cheese – grated

20g olives – coarsely chopped

30g rocket – coarsely chopped

40g sundried tomatoes – coarsely chopped

1 egg

Homemade Ravioli Pasta Dough:

First make pasta – to avoid this post reading like a Greek philosophers handbook read my post describing how to make pasta at home. A good cheat is to buy fresh lasagna sheets.

Butter Sauce:

3 tbl butter

1 tbl olive oil

1 clove garlic kept whole – crushed

Pinch of chilli flakes

Squeeze of lemon

Add all the ingredients together and gently warm in a saucepan until the butter has melted and just started to brown.


Chopped mint

Grated Halloumi




Make the Ravioli:

Place one heaped tablespoon of filling per ravioli along the sheet of pasta with a gap of approx 4 inches between each piece of filling.

Wipe some eggwash or water in-between and around each piece of filling – not a lot, just enough to enable the pasta to stick together. Gently lay another layer of pasta over the top and push down around each piece of filling – trying to remove as much air as possible.

Use a ravioli cutter or just cut with a knife and ensure the edges are sealed by squeezing together with your fingers or pushing down with a back of a fork. Place the ravioli’s on a surface dusted in semolina or some flour (but semolina works best).

Continue until all ravioli are made.

Cook that day, if using the next day you can cover in cling film and refrigerate, or freeze to use in a couple of weeks time.

Cook the Ravioli:

Drop each ravioli into gently simmering salted water – when they float they are done (about 2-3 minutes) and with a slotted spoon take them out and drop straight into the pan with the butter sauce (don’t worry if a few drops of the pasta water go into the sauce, the starch in the water will help thicken the sauce – so yes, it’s a good thing!).

To serve, place the ravioli on a plate, garnish with some fresh mint and a few grates of Halloumi and a couple of spoons of the butter sauce.

Goes well with a nice glass of white!

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