How To Cook Pasta – Pasta Recipes and Tips

Want to know how to cook pasta? Interested in finding some pasta recipes? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve dedicated this page to all things pasta and just some real basic tips that may help transform your mid-week pasta dish to something with a little more pazaz!

I’ll be the first to confess I’m no pasta expert; and I always love to learn something new – so if you have any tips, tricks or spotted a way to improve on what I’ve said – feel free to leave a comment!

I’ve done a few pasta recipes on my blog (with more in the pipeline) so have a look to see if you can be inspired to cook something new following one of my pasta recipes.

Cooking Pasta Tips:

Here are a few tips on cooking pasta recipes:

  • When cooking any pasta recipe one thing we do alot of in England is cook the pasta, put it on a plate and then spoon over a mound of whatever sauce we have made. Stop doing that. Mix the pasta into the sauce first.
  • Pasta in itself is usually quite tasteless. OK, there are some flavoured pastas but most is just plain white pasta made from durum wheat. The pasta does have a wonderful texture but doesn’t really taste of anything. Think of pasta as a vehicle for flavour rather than flavour itself. Bit like plain rice.
  • Pasta is exceptionally good at soaking up flavours, so next time you cook your spaghetti bolognese; make your bolognese sauce and then remove the pasta from the boiling water just before it is al dente; and finish cooking the pasta in the sauce for the last couple of minutes.
  • All that delicious sauce will start to be absorbed by the pasta, making the dish that much more tasty. And that is a bit of a rule I live by when making any pasta dish – finish cooking the pasta in the actual sauce (and don’t worry, you can still add a big pile of sauce on top at the end!).
  • Another point the water that the pasta is cooked in goes quite cloudy and that is starch from the pasta; which makes it quite good to thicken sauces.
  • And finally – it is easy to make your own pasta! Here’s how..

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