Nick Coffer BBC radio Weekend Kitchen July 2015 Theo Michaels

Theo on BBC Radio Weekend Kitchen with Nick Coffer and Hannah Miles

A great day recording (and eating!) on BBC Radio’s Nick Coffer’s Weekend Kitchen show with Hannah Miles and Margaret Knox. Listen to a snippet if you want.

If you have trouble listening to the above click here instead to listen to a snippet of the show.

I’ve been on the Weekend Kitchen show quite a few times now and I have to admit – it is always a ton of fun. But I always stumble on the criteria:

– make food, share food, eat food.

OK I can do that.

– talk about food, have a laugh.

Done, I’ve built a career based on those two principles.

– No innuendo’s, swearing, or smut.

Damnit! I always get edited out…I mean it, there is at least 15 minutes of me in each recording edited out!

This show was no exception; the brilliant Hannah Miles made quite possibly one of the best desserts I’ve tasted (except yours Mum!) and showcased some quite amazing microwave desserts made in a mug from her new book (and yes, I still got loads of me edited out!).

Margaret dished out some lovely desserts which were great and as Nick knows that I always moan when I have to do a dessert he let me get away with a few savoury dishes; including Chilli Salmon Salad, Lamb Skewers in marinade (which will be featured in my new TV series) and a delicious grilled mackeral with courgette ribbons.

You can download all the recipes here from BBC iPlayer.