Waterstones Welwyn Garden City Bake off

Being a Judge at the Waterstones Bake-off…

The phone call goes abit like this: “Is that Theo?”, “Yes it is”, “Would you like to come and eat lots of cake and judge a bake-off at Waterstones in St.Albans and again at Waterstones Welwyn Garden City?”, “Sorry, did you say eat lots of cake?”…

Waterstones StAlbans Judges

Waterstones StAlbans Judges

What a great couple of evenings! The exquisitely delicious Gemma choreographed a great couple of evenings that conspired an excellent turn out of people that all took the time to whisk, mould, bake and deliver a selection of mouthwatering cakes..

The cake and bake was all in aid of The Book Trust charity and the local Herts Belles of the WI.

Of course we got to eat a ton of cake but was also great to meet Charlotte White (aka the Burlesque Baker!), the author Howard Linskey, my friend Becky Alexander from The Foodie and a ton more..

In fact I couldn’t say it better than Waterstones did, here’s what they said;

“We have the vivacious va va voom of the Herts Belles, the show stoppingly sexy ex Masterchef [semi] finalist Theo Michaels, the wickedly witty, luscious Herts Advertiser food critic Becky Alexander and more!”

OK, obviously I had to leave in the bit about me! 🙂 Making me blush you sexy Waterstones thing you!


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