Homemade Tzatziki Recipe - tzatziki sauce

Homemade Tzatziki Recipe – Greek Dip

My homemade Tzatziki recipe is packed with flavour, refreshing and screams summer! So, how do you make Tzatziki? Easy…

I’ve seen many Tazatziki recipes that complicate what is at its heart a Cypriot village dish; rustic and tasty – you don’t need to muck about with this famous Greek yogurt dip.

Quite a few recipes call for the use of dill in tzatziki opposed to mint, personally I prefer the mint as I think it adds a more fresh and cooling quality to the dish which I really like.

Dont think of Tzatziki as that weird tasteless yogurt with lumps of cucumber in you buy at the supermarket.

The most important element in creating a delicious tzatziki is to buy the best Greek yogurt you can get. Don’t much about with low-fat ones either, if you’re going to make tzatziki – make tzatziki!

One tip I do is when grating the cucumber I tend to grate it at an angle so it doesn’t use up much of the very center of the cucumber which is very watery. Just ensure that once you’ve grated the cucumber you give it a really good squeeze to draw out as much water as possible.

But apart from that – it couldn’t be easier!

Tzatziki Recipe – Ingredients:

500g full fat Greek yogurt

1/2 a cucumber grated

Handful finely chopped mint (approx 30g)

1 tbl lemon juice

2 tbl extra virgin olive oil

Pinch of salt

1 clove garlic crushed

Tzatziki Recipe – Method:

  1. Grate the cucumber with the skin on then squeeze the juice out with your hands.
  2. Crush the garlic and chop the mint as fine as you can.
  3. Stick the cucumber, garlic and mint into a bowl, add the Greek yogurt, give it a good mix then add the lemon juice, salt, olive oil and stir well.
  4. Taste for balance of flavours, you may want to add more lemon juice or salt.
  5. Pop onto a serving dish and drizzle some of the olive oil on top; the golden oil over the whiteness of the yogurt looks brilliant. You can add a little pinch of cayenne pepper if you fancy but its perfect on its own.

Goes well with Kleftiko (or lamb in general), some lightly toasted pita bread and a dining partner who’s eating the Tzatziki as well – otherwise you can forget about any smooching smelling of garlic!



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