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Lamb Neck Recipes - Greek Inspired Lamb Neck with Roasted Lettuce by Theo Michaels

Lamb Neck Recipes – Greek Inspired Lamb Neck with Roasted Lettuce | One Pot Family Meal

Lamb Neck Recipes – this is my Greek inspired Lamb Neck Recipe on top of Roasted Lettuce.
Actually the whole thing is roasted…

Lamb Flatbread Wrap by Theo Michaels - homemade

Lamb Flatbread – Easy homemade lamb flatbreads recipe

Lamb flatbread couldn’t be easier to make (literally done in 20 minutes including making your own flatbread dough!)
Spicy minced lamb…

Greek lamb with orzo - giouvetsi - one pot meal

Giouvetsi (Youvetsi) – Lamb Roasted with Orzo | Greek Recipe

Giouvetsi (or Youvetsi) is a traditional Greek Recipe; the original one pot meal.

How many times have you thought “what the bloody…

Lamb Souvla - Greek BBQ Lamb on Rotisserie BBQ by Theo Michaels

Souvla – How to make Lamb Souvla (Slow Cooked BBQ Lamb Cypriot Style)

Souvla = large pieces of meat BBQ’d on a very large stick.
Souvla, the word conjures an image to those in…

Roasted Lamb Ribs Recipe by Theo Michaels

Lamb Ribs Recipe with my Greek Marinade for Lamb

My lamb ribs recipe is a best kept secret – roasted lamb ribs are totally underused, packed with flavour, easy to…

Kleftiko Slow Cooked Greek Lamb Recipe

Kleftiko – Greek Slow Cooked Lamb! Lamb Kleftiko

Kleftiko is the original Greek slow cooked lamb recipe. Nothing will send your tastebuds to a Greek Cypriot taverna quicker than lamb…

Greek lamb recipe - mums lemon lamb recipe

Greek Lamb Recipe – My Mum’s Incredible Lemon Lamb

Greek Lamb Recipe – what other three words could be the epitome of a Greek dish?! This is my mum incredible…