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Theo’s first series starts soon on Simply Good Food TV!

I write this post with a nice smile on my face, no, I haven’t done something naughty (yet…) I’ve agreed to film a brand new Greek inspired series for the new online channel and app – Simply Good Food TV. It’s a brand new concept in delivering great food content, so new in fact, it’s still bubble wrapped!

I was very pleased to be invited by Peter Sidwell and his team to come on board and start filming some of my favourite Greek inspired (and a couple of random) dishes I just love for their Simply Good Food TV app! And I feel pretty pleased to be featured next to the likes of the beautiful Mich Turner Chef (no, I’m not flirting, OK just a little..), Jon Fell Chef and the man himself Peter Sidwell.

You can already download the app on Android and iPad and the iPhone app is out later this month (May 2015)

Before filming begins you can check out my weekly recipes (every Wednesday) on their facebook page and on the app.

Check out my first Greek recipe for Simply Good Food TV; the ultimate classic Greek dish – Kleftiko!

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