Filming Simply Good Food TV with Theo Michaels and Peter Sidwell

Just finished filming my first series for Simply Good Food TV

Lights! Camera! Action! Where’s he’s gone? Just finished filming my first 6 part series for Simply Good Food TV and thought I’d post a couple of behind the scenes pictures to sneak a look at!

It was a great couple of days; exhilirating, knackering and a whole lot of fun! I was a little nervous beforehand; which I always get and was the same when I was filming with Lisa Faulkner for the Food Network earlier this year – click here for that episode. But after a few minutes in front of the cameras you relax and it all starts to go much more fluid.

SGFTV crew meeting with Peter Sidwell

SGFTV crew meeting with Peter Sidwell

We had a great crew who kept it all moving along and managed to put up with my crap jokes for a few days without walking out (special thanks to Sam, Sarah and Joe). Peter Sidwell was great at keeping me in line and directing me (read: telling me when to shutup) 🙂 and of course Robert for all his help.

We filmed our series in the Laranza kitchens (and these are seriously beautiful bits of kit). Tony and Glyn were very generous at letting us run wild in their showroom and was great to meet their lovely families as well.

We managed to bust out some really delicious recipes and had a nice big sit down lunch with everyone at the end of each day so we could all scoff the food I’d been cooking.

We filmed 6 episodes/recipes and these are being edited as I write this blog post so hopefully transmission dates will be in the next couple of months – watch this space!

Get your free Simply Good Food TV app for iphone here

Get your free Simply Good Food TV app for android here

Simply Good Food TV is a new TV station dedicated to food with top quality food programming with chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and many other famous names there is also new original TV content from a range of upcoming chefs and TV personalities!

SGFTV crew

SGFTV crew

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