Microwave Scrambled Eggs – you’ll never make them the same again (plus a secret ingredient)

Microwave Scrambled Eggs – the best damn microwaved scrambled eggs you’ve ever had! Seriously, they are.

Microwaved scrambled eggs are a really simple way of making scrambled eggs and if I’m brutally honest I think I prefer them to eggs done in a pan! Shock Horror!

Maybe that’s just because I’ve a secret ingredient that turn good scrambled eggs into OMG Scrambled eggs!  


If you want to know how to make scrambled eggs in microwave that are possibly the best scrambled egg recipe as well then you’ve hit the proverbial jackpot.

I should point out though, that my microwaved scrambled eggs are not the poor alternative to making them in a saucepan, I genuinely challenge anyone not to be blown away by them being done in the microwave and in the Michaels’ household it’s the only way we cook them now.

Microwave scrambled eggs are not the consolation prize, they beat cooked on the hob scrambled eggs all day long!

Once I’ve shown you how to make microwaved scrambled eggs (and added my secret ingredient) you’ll never dirty another pan again.

And like all the recipes I post; this is the real deal. This is how we cook our scrambled eggs at home.

Top 6 tips to create the best Microwave Scrambled Eggs ever:

  1. Don’t overcook the eggs – take them out when they are ‘just’ about set – they’ll continue cooking once you’ve stopped zapping them in the microwave.
  2. Don’t use salad cream instead of mayonnaise; mayonnaise descends straight from the Heavens – Salad cream is the work of the devil. Don’t trust it…
  3. Use a lot of salt and pepper. It tastes better.
  4. A little effort – you’ve got to take them in and out of the microwave a few times during cooking to mash them up.
  5. Let the toast cool before spooning on the eggs – it’ll stay crispy longer. If you put scrambled eggs on freshly made toast it’ll go soggy.
  6. Don’t overcook the eggs – yes I’ve repeated myself for emphasis you heathens!

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Microwave Scrambled Eggs – Serves 2 – Ingredients:

4 eggs (preferably orgasmic!)
Dash of milk
Pinch of salt and pepper
Nob of butter
1 heaped tbl mayonnaise

Microwave Scrambled Eggs Recipe – Method:

  1. Lightly whisk the eggs, add the milk, seasoning and nob of butter.
  2. Bung in the microwave, lightly cover and cook for 2 minutes – remove and stir and mash with a fork and then return to microwave to cook for another 1 minute. Continue this minute-by-minute process until the eggs have just firmed up but still look like there is a bit of wobble left to them.
  3. Add the mayonnaise and stir through, season heavily with salt and pepper and serve on a slice of toast!

Simple, creamy, scrambled eggs…

Goes well with fried streaky bacon, black pudding a decent cup of coffee (and pancakes!) and newspaper (preferably with some peace and quiet if you’re lucky – he types with two kids tugging at his arms screaming ‘chase me daddy! chase me daddy!’)