Theo Michaels on This Morning Jan 2017 Microwave Mug Meals - Chocolate Cake, Puffin, Shepherds Pie

Microwave Recipes – Puffin, Chocolate Orange Cake and Jerk Shepherds Pie as seen on ITV This Morning Jan-17

Microwave Recipes – another great show on ITV’s This Morning with Philip and Holly – I love those guys! Today we cooked three delicious Microwave Mug Meals!

Today we had fun microwave cooking my Puffin in a Mug (love child of a pizza and a muffin – not the small endangered bird from Iceland :)).

Followed by my indulgent Microwave Mug Cake – a gooey chocolate orange cake.

And finally a cool Caribbean take on the traditional Shepherds Pie with sweet potato mash, scotch bonnets and all spice – a hot, satisfying microwave mug meal!

Microwave Recipes on This Morning – who would have thought it?!

It’s always an honour to appear on This Morning and what you don’t see on the TV is just how awesome the entire crew is!

The one question I always get asked is: “Are Philip and Holly really that nice?”

The answer – YES!

They are both incredibly nice people who always make a young (‘ish!) newcomer like myself feel very welcome. Plus I have a slight crush on Holly 🙂 but who doesn’t? 🙂

Anyway, for more great quick fixes cooked in a mug in the microwave check out my book – Microwave Mug Meals (available through Amazon or direct from me!).

You can also watch lots more of my Microwave Mug Meals in action on my YouTube channel (CookWithTheo) or browse my recipes.

Theo x

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