BBC 3 Counties Radio Weekend Kitchen with Nick Coffer and Theo Michaels, Masterchef, James Rix and Sherry Almeida

Listen to Theo on BBC 3CR Weekend Kitchen!

An audio culinary tour with dishes from around the world including Kleftiko, Cypriot rainbow salad,  baked rump of lamb and pork vindaloo!

The lovely folks at BBC 3CR Radio, well Nick Coffer to be exact – invited me (Theo!) to join in his Weekend Kitchen Sunday morning show (which is on every Sunday morning at 11am) to basically; cook some food, eat some food and then talk about some food… Yes, this was verging on what I imagine Heaven to look like.. 🙂

Nick managed to make me sound semi-coherent (which is not an easy feat to achieve!) and I was lucky enough to also enjoy the company of Nia, chef James Rix and Sherry Almeida whom also created some mouth watering dishes!

You can listen to the Weekend Kitchen show and download all the recipes from our show here.

Great day and can’t wait to feast at the next one!

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