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Judging the Great Agency Bake Off

On Friday I spent my entire morning eating cakes. It was a dirty job but I was happy to take one for the team and gorge myself on brownies, cakes, macaroons and all things sweet that require baking! To console myself from such gastronomic hedonism I took solace that it was all in the name of charity – The Sick Children’s Trust to be exact.

Danielle Newnham; the author of ‘Mad Men of Mobile’ took the initiative and organised a brilliant event that raised almost £1500 for the Sick Children’s Trust. Lassoing a ton of creative marketing agencies together they all submitted a range of cakes to be judged.

If you want to watch a brief video of the competition or read what Campaign had to say about it – click HERE!

I was honoured to be invited and share the judging with Paul A Young (master chocolatier) and Elizabeth Solaru (award winning wedding cake creator).

The agencies submitted everything from simple brownies to a fully fledged cake race track featuring a remote controlled car – it was awesome!

The winning cake was created by agency Vizeum – my mouth is still watering!

This was all done to participate in the Big Chocolate Tea Party campaign created by the Sick Children’s Trust – they are the longest-serving charity providing ‘Home from Home’ accommodation in the UK. The Sick Children’s Trust currently has nine houses allowing the whole family to stay close to their sick child’s bedside, just minutes away from the paediatric wards.

If you want to learn more about the Sick Children’s Trust click on the link above to visit their website.

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