Iced Jaggery or Sugar Cane Drink

Uncle Mikes Homemade Sugar Cane Drink| Jaggery Recipes

A jaggery recipe; this gorgeous refreshing sugar cane drink reminds me of making my own sugarcane drink in a little village in Bolivia on the edge of the Amazon. My uncle Mikes version from a house in North London might not have the view but tastes just as good!

A wonderful jaggery recipe to replace actual sugar cane drink. Sweet jaggery, sharp lime and a hint of fresh ginger.

When I was in Bolivia I spent time in a small village and one of the days we spent the afternoon making our own sugar cane drink. A heady mixture of pure sugar cane juice and a squeeze of lime (with the odd bug for something to chew on)..

A sugar cane drink is an ideal summer thirst quencher. My uncles sugar cane drink with jaggery and fresh ginger is a real pick-me-up on a summer’s day, if you wanted a delicious cocktail recipe; just add a shot of Pisco the Peruvian brandy (or white rum).

Me? Drink? Never… 🙂

A brief educational digression before we hit the recipe – as it’s almost impossible to buy actual sugar cane in the UK Jaggery makes a very good substitute. Jaggery or Jaggeree is made from unrefined sugar cane juice – it’s literally pure sugar cane juice reduced down to an almost fudge colour syrup and set into blocks.

Jaggery has a lovely rich deep flavour that is popular in India and South America (in fact anywhere that has sugar cane!). In the villages sugar cane juice is pressed straight out of a sugar cane stick and has a lovely fresh sweet flavour which needs a hit of lime to offset the sweetness.

The added ingredient of fresh ginger in this recipe gives it even more depth of flavour but feels nice and healthy as well! I mean when you’re drinking that much pure unrefined sugar cane you need all the help you can get!

Sugar cane Juice Drink (jaggery recipe) – Ingredients:

4 tablespoons soft jaggery

2 inches grated ginger

Juice 1 lime

Sprig Mint

Warm water

Ice cubes to serve


Dissolve the jaggery in a few glugs warm water. Once dissolved, add about a pint cold water, the lime juice and ginger. Give it a good mix then pass through a sieve and pour over ice in two glasses and garnish with mint.

Goes well with two sun loungers, old friends and a few old travel tales of danger and adventure!