Easy Guacamole Recipe - Avocado Salsa by Theo Michaels

Easy Guacamole Recipe – an Avocado salsa

Easy Guacamole Recipe – this slightly rustic take on an easy Guacamole recipe is more an avocado salsa than a green puree. My easy Guacamole recipe is sunshine in a bowl, bursting with flavours from the Aztecs; avocado, fresh coriander, chilli, tomatoes…

Easy Guacamole recipe is what it’s all about – packed with flavour and utterly moreish.

Once you’ve tried this avocado recipe there is no going back! In fact, a wonderful Mexican friend adopted this guacamole as her own when visiting her family in Mexico!

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The secret of this dish is to use the best tomatoes you can find; ripe, juicy and bursting with flavour (i tend to go for baby plum tomatoes).

Easy Guacamole Recipe – Ingredients:

1 avocado roughly chopped

1 clove of crushed garlic

2 ripe tomatoes chopped up (yes, seeds, skin – this is rustic not fine dining!)

Handful of chopped fresh coriander

3 spring onions chopped up

1 (or 2!) red chillis chopped up (if you want heat just chop the lot, if not, remove the seeds and pith)

4 tbl extra virgin olive oil

2 tbl malt vinegar


Easy Guacamole Recipe – Method:

  1. Chop all the ingredients to roughly the same size (approx 1cm cubed) you want the same quantity of tomatoes and coriander as you have of avocado. So if your two tomatoes are quite small add another, if they are quite big… well you get the picture..
  2. Put all the ingredients together in a bowl; season heavily and pour over your olive oil and vinegar.
  3. Now taste.
  4. You want a balance almost like a vinaigrette; so if it tastes a bit oily; add some more vinegar or too sharp add a little more olive oil.

If you want to go off-piste I’ve been known to throw in some chopped anchovies or even the juice and zest of a lime instead of vinegar – all of it will taste wonderful. Once you’ve given it a mix pour it into a nice clean bowl and give another tiny drizzle of olive oil to make it shine.

Goes well with sunshine and the smell of meat cooking over hot coals…oh, and a signed non-compete contract with your Mexican friends 🙂

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