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15 thoughts on “Download your free recipe sheet”

  • Apologies Theo, after watching a recent clip of yours and cooking the Kleftico for a family gathering, I claimed the Kleftico was my recipe.! ? Such a simple dish came out superb, really enjoy your YouTube clips, very straight forward and easy enough for me to follow. Keep up the good work, it’s very much appreciated.

    • Ha! Dominic that cracked me up – fair enough, I won’t tell them! Pleased you and the family enjoyed it and thanks for the comment as it’s always nice to hear my recipes are being put to good use!

  • I cooked the Kleftico last night – amazing ! I was cooking to impress and I certainly did that – thank you Theo !

  • I cooked the Lamb Kleftico last night for Easter Dinner for family. My granddaughter told me it was the best lamb ever and I’m a better cook than her mother.

    • Well Heidi that is an accolade! Although I hope we haven’t started a ‘domestic’! 🙂 wonderful to hear it went so well. Thank you! X

      • hello chef Theo…thank you for accepting me I’m very interested to learn how to cook with your nice recipes it was so Delicious and fabulous …godbless u

  • I have the lamb kleftico in the oven cooking now. Can’t wait to try it. Love Greek food so will be trying many more of your recipes ?

  • Theo the book looks intresting we only have a BBQ and a microwave in our holiday house so with no oven or hob always on the look out for new ideas. Glad to see things are going from strength to strengh

    • Hi Sue, that’s great – I’ll be sure to let you know when the book is published (signed copy of course!). And thank you for your comment! Theo

    • Hi Steve, actually I’m meeting a relative tonight who owns a restaurant in Cyprus to talk about possible events! Good timing! I suspect it will be a while before anything actually gets planned but now you’ve subscribed you’ll get notified if I get any dates in!

  • Hi Theo,

    I’m based near Winchester in Hampshire. Winchester seems to be acquiring a reputation as the foodie centre of the south – a number of celebrity chefs have already opened restaurants and we have one of the best farmer’s markets in the UK. Would you ever consider holding a pop-up event here if there was a suitable venue?



    • Hi Nicky,

      I love Winchester! Beautiful place.. I used to go to uni in Bournemouth and had some friends from Winchester – I’d be really interested in doing a popup in Winchester! Got any ideas? 🙂 Theo x

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