Churros Recipe

Authentic Churros recipe | Easy Homemade Churros!

My authentic Churros recipe is as real as it gets and comes straight from my Mexican friend! We followed her authentic Churros recipe to the letter and it didn’t fail.

These piping hot elongated doughnuts were served as part of our New Years Eve dinner and were a perfect Mexican dessert, what’s better than authentic churros recipe . Soft and doughy in the inside, crispy on the outside and served with melted chocolate and the obligatory dusting in cinnamon and sugar (with a dollop of ice cream on the side)…

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The melted chocolate was a nice touch but you can’t go wrong with freshly cooked churros. I’ve had churros before from the odd street stall and although nice were always served cold and I don’t want a cold churro!

I want a hot Churro, the sort that make you pull a face like a chimpanzee with all the ‘ooo-ooo’ sound affects as you try to eat without burning the roof of your mouth. Once you’ve tried a freshly cooked churro there is just no going back..

A good churros recipe is hard to find. I’ve tried these quite a few times and they’ve never seemed to work; but these ones were great and so so easy!

The Churros go great as a dessert either on it’s own or as part of a Mexican meal – check out my other Mexican recipes!

Authentic Churros Recipe – Ingredients:

350g plain flour

Pinch Salt

60g unsalted butter

200ml boiling water (plus some extra)

Vegetable oil for deep frying

Cinnamon Sugar Dusting Recipe:

1cup demerara sugar (you can use white caster sugar)

3 tbl ground cinnamon

Mix together and then place onto a tray.

Melted Chocolate Dressing Recipe:

100g dark chocolate (min 70% cocoa)

100ml milk

Pop your chocolate into a bowl and bung in the microwave for about a minute or until it just starts to melt. Pour in some of the milk and whisk with a spoon as quick as you can to combine. Put it back in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to melt again and then add some more milk. Go through this process until the sauce is nice and glossy and stays a little runny. It might look funny but whisk it hard enough and it will combine wonderfully.

Churros Recipe Method:

  1. Mix the flour and salt together.

2. In a pan bring the water to the boil and add the butter, once the butter has melted slowly whisk in the butter/water into the flour.

In regards to consistency this will make a very sticky dough or a very thick batter (I’m really not sure what you call it). Anyway, use a whisk, then a large spoon. You can’t knead this with your hands as it’s far too sticky; which is what you want.

It needs to be fully combined and I’m racking my brains trying to think of something that it resembles. It needs to be very thick so it holds its shape but not dry. Like a very thick, sticky dough.

You may want to add more hot water to the dough to get the right consistency. If you imagine that when you go to cook this you’ll be piping it straight into hot oil so you want it to hold its shape.

Churro Dough or Churro Batter

Churro Dough and Cinnamon Sugar

3. Once you’re happy with the dough add it to a piping bag and reserve in the fridge until ready to use.

4. When you’re ready to cook the churros heat a frying pan with vegetable on a medium heat – you want it hot enough that if you drop a piece of bread (or a small piece of the dough) into the oil it sizzles immediately and starts to turn golden after about 30 seconds (give or take).

5. When the oil is ready, slowly and gently starting piping the churro dough straight into the hot oil. You can see from the images that you can create whatever shape you want; circles (my favourite); squiggly lines; what-the-hell, make letters and write your name!

A point on cooking with hot oil, obviously be careful because it’s bloody hot and you can burn yourself. But the main thing is just be calm and steady. Think of hot oil as a slightly rabid dog; as soon as you start to get jumpy or make sudden movements it will bite. 

6. Your churros will float so after a couple of minutes (or until they have turned a nice golden colour) gently turn them over to cook the otherside. Once done, remove them from the oil (I use tongs as they are quite stiff) and pop them onto a papertowl to remove some of the excess oil and them almost immediately onto the sugar cinnamon plate to give them a good dusting. If you wait to long the churros will dry and the dusting won’t stick.

That’s it. You’ve followed my authentic churros recipe and taken a bite of Mexican utopia!

Now before you go gallivanting into the kitchen ready to start making some churros, you want to eat these golden tubes of crusty heaven while still warm, so make your chocolate sauce first.


Now sit down and eat them!

Goes well with..well, chocolate sauce and ice cream of course…

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