Brussel Sprout Recipes – How to cook Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprout Recipes – love them or hate them, brussel sprouts are packed with goodness and a mandatory requirement at Christmas (or at least I think so).

This brussel sprout recipe is a favourite of mine and is really quick to cook. I came up with this recipe as part of the food series for David Lloyd Club and loved the brussel sprouts so much this is how we’re cooking them this Christmas.

The recipe is actually for a cranberry glazed turkey breast with warm Christmas salad – which is just delish – especially if you are just cooking for two people. 

But if you are cooking for the masses and are just interested in a different way of cooking brussel sprouts, this one is for you. The days of soggy brussel sprouts, boiled for a millenia until they resemble nothing more than a sullied green mush are over.

For this brussel sprout recipe you are simply frying off some garlic, throwing in some shredded brussel sprouts with some shredded cavolo nero, petit pois, a splash of wine, a nob of butter, a little seasoning – voila! You’re good to go in five minutes.

Click here to get the full recipe from the David Lloyd Blog.

Note: For this brussel sprout recipe I’ve included quinoa which is perfect for the cranberry glazed turkey breast, but you can omit the quinoa if you just want greens in this one.

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