Private Dining BlackTie Event for 63 - Theo Michaels Private Chef

Biggest Private Dining to date – 63 black tie event! BOOM!

I have no idea whether this is of interest to anyone but I’m well chuffed and had to tell someone! Last weekend I cooked and served  the largest private party so far – a black tie event for 63. I cooked a beautiful three course meal, got my fantastic staff in (who I couldn’t have done it without) and we busted out the three courses without a single hiccup, on time and de-bloody-licious!

Until recently the largest private dining event I’ve cooked for was a stunning five course meal for 30 sit down guests, so I was pretty chuffed with myself for nailing this one!

I’ve also started offering private dining vouchers which are proving really popular as gifts for people that want to give someone the joy of a private dining night in their own home!

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