BBC Radio Weekend Kitchen Nick Coffer Sept 2015

BBC Radio Weekend Kitchen Show with Nick Coffer – another great morning!

I really, I mean, really, really, enjoy going on the BBC Weekend Kitchen show with host Nick Coffer. 1. I get to eat loads of great food. 2. I get to meet loads of excellent (and usually very cool) chefs. 3. I don’t have to cook when I get home as I’m stuffed.

And this show was no exception, the lovely Lucy Green from Bramley Kitchen was there as was Martin Burke. We had a feast of fun and food with Martin busting out some vegan dishes which I must confess I usually give a big swerve to if I have a choice of something carnivorous but my eyes were opened to the breadth of vegan possibilities.

Check out my other show to hear what happens when you say ‘Booty Call’ on BBC radio!

Lucy always delivers amazingly beautiful and delicious dishes (I seriously love her food) and is great company, even though I always feel like a bit of rough when I’m on the show with her as she is so well spoken! 🙂 Yes, me no good speak as her..

BBC Radio 3CR with Nick Coffer Sept 2015 the Weekend Kitchen – try this if you have trouble playing the above!

I made my pork belly with pomegranate molasses and kolliver recipe, followed by my new sweetcorn risotto recipe and finally my goats cheese with honey and truffle dressing on a bed of roasted vegetables.

Highlights were Lucy’s Hot Chocolate Pots – my waistline literally expanded just smelling them…but they are delish and the other highlight was Martin’s vegan balls – so good we even gave them their own theme tune!

You can get all the recipes from BBC iPlayer here and as usual I’ve put a little snippet of the show below just in case you don’t visit the BBC iPlayer website quick enough to hear the show!



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